look_tanzania_bird_watching_safarisThis mountainous  and heavily forested  reserve  lead to the most accessible part  of the East Usambaras and is one of Tanzania’s most attractive and under visited destinations. Amani means peace in Kiswahili.The reserve offers beautiful flora and fauna,a constant  chorus of cicadas and tree bush babies at night.

This Reserve is one of  Africa’s largest botanical gardens with enough linking trails through primeval  rain forest to keep you in raptures for a whole week, even if your  interest  in botanical things is limited to the greens on your plate. The reserve has over 344 bird species and 100 species of trees, surrounded by 19 villages.

Amani Nature Reserve was officially gazette on 8th May 1997.People are thought to have been living in the East Usambara  Mountains for  even more than 2,000 years.The oldest settlements known within the area date back to early iron age in the 3 rd century AD.Most of Amani plateau was densely forested with  scattered settlement concentrated  mainly along  the Western escarpment.

Look Tanzania safaris will take you to eco tourism attraction based on walking and hiking to Amani Nature Reserves.

Walking  and hiking through the forestry is the main attraction. Walking routes are present. While walking you have an opportunity to see black and white colobus, blue monkey, and the nature’s main attraction,  Nduk eagle owl, a specie found only in Amani.

You will also see nine species of African violet garden flowers and colorful butterflies some of them found only in Usambara . Other birds include green headed oriole, Amani sunbirds, Uluguru violet backed, forest warbler . To sum up the area has wonderful birds, butterflies, animals and plants some of them found only in this area.

LOCATION:Amani Nature reserve is located in Muheza and Korogwe district. The main access is via Muheza town. Just 65 Km from Tanga town and 35 Km from Muheza.

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